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star_parade's Journal

「Star Parade」
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Star Parade

Sadly, Star Parade is inactive for an indefinite period of time.

About Star Parade
Star Parade is a Non-AU Asian roleplay community. We accept all muses, regardless of occupation or location. Non-AU makes it important to stay in character, so please try and do so. Any questions about this can be brought up with the moderators. Out of character posts should be labeled as such, and please try and avoid uber.

Posting & Cuts
- All muses MUST post to the community at least once a month. Posting in your journal is up to you. Activity checks are based on community posting alone, nothing else.
- Cuts will be announced three days before they happen, and cuts happen around the end of the month, and those warned will get two/three days to post after.
- Any member who is inactive and repeatedly ignores attempts at being contacted will be cut.
- Any new claim made on or after the 15th of any month is exempt from the cut.

- No OOC drama is to be brought here. Please keep it out of the home. If you have a big problem with someone, please bring it up with the mods.
- Keep mun drama away from here. Action will be taken if it interferes with the roleplay. This roleplay is anonymous to muns, a muses's mun is totally irrelevant.
- No God-modding or metagaming.
- Friending is at your discretion, friend whoever you like.
- Cross-claiming is fine as long as it is within reason.
- Please use filters (or a separate journal) if you wish to cross-claim, as a courtesy to others for the avoidance of confusion.

General Rules
- Being literate is highly appreciated, no chatspeak.
- You must have an aim screen name for contact.
- Please do not start posting in the community until you are accepted.
- Please post "chun" somewhere in your claim so I know you have read and understand the rules.


  • Your name:
  • Your band/occupation/etc:
  • Your journal:
  • Your Screen name:
  • Tell us a bit about yourself: (optional)
  • Anything else?

- Please tag the post as "Claim"
- Feel free to modify the claim form as you wish, as long as the essential information is included.

Yumehito - #Moroboshi Chun, or last_note
Aoi - #Ameblo Addict, or mayfishnouta
Mao - #KeireiBOY or mitsuyubi

Please DO NOT join the community if you are not a muse. You will be removed.