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Reminder: Please respond by Dec. 15th!

In my last post (which also happens to be just below this one), I mentioned the letter I sent around to everyone. Just a quick reminder to please respond on or before that day to avoid getting cut. Also:

THOSE OF YOU WHO -DID- RESPOND AND WOULD LIKE TO STAY: Please try to make your monthly post this month if you can.

Those of you who have responded so far:

I think there may have been someone else, so if I forgot your name, please let me know!
Also I hope that more of you will decide to stick around with us. Hope to hear from more of you!
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Everyone, check your messages!

I sent a message out to everyone who is currently on the claims list. Please read it and get back to me as soon as possible, preferably before December 15. ☆

A few of you currently don't allow private messages, so unfortunately I wasn't able to send it out to you.

I ask that you please turn private messaging on so that I can contact you that way if I need to, for things like this. Thanks guys! I look forward to getting this place going again.

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(no subject)

It's been nearing a month since hiatus started. Since then I haven't heard a single word from anyone about keeping the home around.

I still would really hate to see this place go, but I also can't manage it by myself. I am happy to spread the word and do what I can, but I need help from everyone else too. If it means having to start over, I can do that too. But it doesn't seem like anyone is around, no one, as far as I can see, are even posting in their own journals.

I'd like to take the community off hiatus for a while and try to get it back to life. I am going to clean up the members list and get rid of people who have not been around in ages. If I remove you by accident and you would have liked to stay, let me know.

But starting now, membership and posting is all open again.
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OOC Mod post

It's really been dying around here, and I think a lot of you have noticed it. Nothing's happening. I guess I can partially blame myself since I haven't had the motivation to keep up with things because of a lot that happened this summer. Also, while I love to RP, my own problem with being too shy to approach others first has become a problem and I barely get to anymore.

But, all that aside, how many of you think it's worth keeping the home up, or would it be better if it just dyed out or hiatuses for a while? This home and the home before this, that many of you came here from has provided me with a lot of memories, good and bad. Though I don't know if I can find it in me to keep up with it here, at least not alone. And that goes back to problems with being shy, I don't know if I'm qualified to run a home if I'm bad at making contact.

I would just like some honest opinions. I don't care if they're harsh or not, I just want to know. Should we try and pick up, hiatus for a while, or just close all together?
Aoi cutie

Looking back I see it clearer.

Did I post this month yet? I can't remember. Getting old. Despair.

I got caught up in the past today. Looking back over old photo's and live footage and found some of my very first costumes.
Once upon I might of found doing something like that depressing.. But it's just kind of calming these days.

Does anyone else look back like that?
How do you feel when you do?

I wonder if it's just because I'm getting older..
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